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This blog was started as a school assignment. However, as my summer semester coming to the end, I just can’t stop blogging because I meet so many interesting people that share the same passion for horror movies as I did.

Over the past few months, people from all over the world comes and goes and I hope all of you find what you need.

Even though I want to continue this blog, I need to leave for a month because I am going back to China to visit my parents there. Thanks to the censorship policy of our “beloved” government, I am not allowed to access this blog when I am in China. 

Anyway, this is an absence note and I will keep you guys posted for my thoughts in horror movie industry. I am glad to hear any opinions. Feel free to comment.


Starting from this blog, I will introduce several horror movies that I believe is most innovative, in terms of content as well as the way it shots. The first one is the funnest one: spoon killer. It’s a short film telling a story about how a man is slowly killed by a murder using a spoon as the only weapon for years.

I also insert the Youtube video in this post. It is the first time I do this and it’s kind of fun, so I decided to put movie or its trailer in the following posts as well. Hope you enjoy it.

The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon

The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon is a 10 minute film short that was released in 2008. It was filmed entirely in California over the course of 22 days. It was written, directed, and narrated by Richard Gale. The weapon referred to in the title is a spoon.

The film won the Special Jury Prize at the Austin Fantastic Fest, the Best Short Film award at the Fant-Asia Film Festival, and the Citizen’s Choice Award and the Grand Prize for Short Film at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, and was named the Best Short Film of 2009 by Rue Morgue Magazine.

It was shot on a budget of $600, on a Panasonic HVX200 digital video camera and edited onFinal Cut Pro.

Here is the video

Nuclear Related Horror Movies

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The Hills Have Eyes

The Hills Have Eyes is a 2006 action horror film and remake of Wes Craven‘s 1977 filmThe Hills Have Eyes. Written by filmmaking partners Alexandre Aja and Grégory Levasseur of the French horror film Haute Tension, and directed by Aja, the film follows a family which becomes the target of a group of murderous mutants after their car breaks down in the desert.

The film was released theatrically in the United States and United Kingdom on March 10, 2006. It earned $15.5 million in its opening weekend in the U.S., where it was originally rated NC-17 for strong gruesome violence, but was later edited down to an R-rating. An unrated DVD version was released on June 20, 2006. A sequel, The Hills Have Eyes 2, was released in theaters March 23, 2007.


The Host

The Host is a 2006 Korean monster film, directed by Bong Joon-ho. This movie is a combination of a blockbuster plot and political commentary. Members of the cast areSong Kang-hoByeon Hee-bongPark Hae-ilBae Doona and Ko Ah-seong. The film sometimes deals with the implications of the American military presence in Korea.

First, the movie starts with the scene of American military pathologist’s dumping over 200 bottles of formaldehyde into the sewer system, leading into the Han River. Over the next few years, a strange amphibious monster emerges from Han River and attacks people at random. The monster snatches up the protagonist’s daughter and returns to its hideout under Wonhyo Bridge. Her family tries to rescue her from the monster to the indifference of people, going through all kinds of hardships. According to the director, his inspiration came from a local article about a deformed fish with an S-shaped spine caught in Han River. The Host had set a new Korean box office record by reaching 10 million tickets in just 21 days. In addition, it was ranked one of the top films of 2007 on Metacritic with a score of 85. In November 2008, it was announced that Universal Studios would be remaking The Host.

Following the success of the director’s work, Memories of MurderThe Host was heavily anticipated. It was released on a record number of screens in its home country on July 27, 2006. By the end of its run on November 8, 13 million tickets had been sold, making it the highest grossing South Korean film of all time. The film was released on a limited basis in the United States on March 9, 2007, and on DVD, Blu-ray, and HD DVD formats on July 24, 2007. It won several awards including Best Film at the Asian Film Awards and at the Blue Dragon Film Awards.


To my friends from all over the world outside China: some of you have probably heard of the censorship policy that the Chinese government have on the Internet. But you may not know that the internet is not the only thing the government is censoring. So does movies and tv episodes! There is an organization called TV and Broadcasting Management Bureau. Every year, hundreds of movie scripts and TV show ideas as well as video games and album get censored by this organization and banned from the market. So today I am going to explain to you why you don’t see good horror movies made in China. This is a really tough topic.


Mentalism vs. Materialism

Materialism is the base of socialism, the fundamental belief of how the country is established. So basically, people are raised up with the faith that anything not proved by science doesn’t really exist. Even though there is no strict rule of telling people that you believe in the existence of ghost and other supernatural power, people are not allowed to put that idea into any published materials, including movies. 

Religious Belief

Even though China is open to all kind of religious beliefs, the government is not encouraging its people to believe in anything. So for example if you want to shot a movie explaining the idea that demon from the hell walking in the world, killing people and in the end we are all saved by angle, it is definitely going to be banned. 

Bad Ending

It’s quite often to see bad endings in horror movies, but it is kind of not allowed in China. The government believe that in addition to entertainment, publishings also need to educate people in a positive way, which means that often time, good people, or at least one of the good person has to be alive at the end of movie. This makes all the horror movies super boring because you know for certain who is going to survive in the end. BORING!

So What Exactly Is Allowed?

A story of a psycho. Usually, when you are convinced that there is surely a ghost in the story. In the end, the movie always try to tell you that all you see is not true, because the main character is a PSYCHO. Everything you see is his or her hallucination. Otherwise, he or she must be drugged by some super smart scientist.

So much of a horror movie with a certain happy ending and no ghost in it. Help! Who can save the life of China’s horror movie industry?


Oops, my last post was quite a while ago because I am busy at school (which is not true, haha). I just started to play Diablo III last week and the Skeleton King haunted me offline in my dream. This make me think that it probably is a good idea to turn this video game into a horror movie! Anyway, that’s not my decision to make. So let’s talk about what’s already being made in movie industry. Starting from Japan.


When They Cry

Higurashi When They Cry (ひぐらしのなく頃に Higurashi no Naku Koro ni?, lit. When the Cicadas Cry), known simply as When They Cry for the North American release of the anime adaptation, is a Japanese murder mystery dōjin soft sound novel series produced by 07th Expansion. The games are built on the NScripter game engine and are playable on Microsoft Windows PCs. The first game in the series, Onikakushi-hen, was released on August 10, 2002, and the eighth and final game in the original PC series, Matsuribayashi-hen, was released on August 13, 2006. While the first four games carried the overall title Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, the next four games were produced under the title Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai. A bonus fan disc called Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei was released on December 31, 2006. In addition to the original series, new story arcs were created inmanga form and in video games for the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS in order to expand upon the story. The original eight PC releases were released in English by MangaGamer with the first four games on December 15, 2009, followed by the last four being released monthly starting with Meakashi-hen on February 28, 2010. The series is focused on a group of young friends and the strange events that occur in the rural village Hinamizawa where they reside.

Two sets of drama CDs were produced, one by Wayuta and the other by Frontier Works. Novelizations of the game series were released by Kodansha Box between August 2007 and March 2009. A manga series adapted from the games began with eight different manga artists working separately on one to three of the multiple story arcs, and is published by Square Enix and Kadokawa Shoten. The manga was licensed for release in English in North America by Yen Press under the title Higurashi When They Cry and the first volume was released in November 2008. Following the manga’s release in Japan, two TV anime series were produced by Studio Deen in 2006 and 2007; a third anime adaptation was released as an original video animation series in 2009. The first anime series was licensed by Geneon Entertainment in English, but the license expired in 2011. A live action film adaptation of the series, directed by Ataru Oikawa, premiered in Japanese theaters in May 2008, with a sequel released in May 2009.


Here is a funny fact about Japanese horror movie. In Holly Wood horror movies, the monster, or the most scary character would by definition looks scary, but this is not necessarily the truth in terms of Japanese horror movie. A sweet little girl can be a serial killer or a witch that hold some kind of horrifying superpower. So the audience should always learn to look beneath the superficial fact to discover the true face of what’s evil. 

Crocodiles are really very well trained killing machine no matter in river or inland. Here are five crocodile horror movies that I recommend:


Rogue is a 2007 Australian independent action horror film about a group of tourists in Australia who fall prey to a giant, man-eating crocodile. Rogue was released in Australia on 8 November 2007.

The film stars Michael Vartan and Radha Mitchell and was directed, written, and produced by Greg McLean, who also directed the 2005 indie-Australian horror hitWolf Creek. It was produced byDavid Lightfoot and Matt Hearn and made on a budget ofA$26,900,000. The film was inspired by the true story ofSweetheart, a giant Australian crocodile that attacked boats in the late 1970s, although in real life, Sweetheart was never responsible for a fatal attack.

One last comment: I like this movie don’t take it wrong, but is it a good idea for Australia’s tourism industry?

Black Water

Black Water

Warning: this movie is based on a real life story.

Black Water is a 2007 Australianhorror/thriller film set in themangrove seas of northern Australia. It was written and directed by Andrew Traucki andDavid Nerlich and stars Diana GlennMaeve Dermody and Andy Rodoreda. The film was inspired by the true story of a crocodile attack in Australia’s Northern Territory in December 2003.

Lake Placid 3

Lake Placid 3 is a 2010 made-for-television horror film starring Colin Ferguson produced by Syfy. This sequel to the 2007 film, Lake Placid 2, and the 1999 film, Lake Placid, aired as a Syfy original movie on August 21, 2010.

Possession can be divided into two types, demonic possession, which refers to psychokinetic control of a person by the Devil or other malevolent spirit; and spirit possession, which refers to psychokinetic control of the behavior of a living thing or natural object by a spiritual being.

If we have movies in medieval areas, the most popular horror movie I guess would be about possession. But this is 21st century and demons still won’t let go our poor children.

This summer, August 31st, we will get another possession related movie, The Possession (seriously, what kind of lazy director won’t even think of a creative name?)

Here is the trailer.

There is really not much to criticize until I actually watch it, so let’s wait…